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So like all creative people, usually there are many forms of creativity that we tap into. I've always had a proclivity for reading classics and romanticizing long gone eras. I would embroider by hand and long to be living in the Victorian era, with all it's lace and pompousness. With a lot of reading, a natural consequence was creative writing. 

My Story

I am one of four children, the baby girl, even though I was born 20 minutes or so before my twin brother. My Dad was in the Army so we were born in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma at the Reynold's Army Hospital. At 6 months old, my mother flew all four of us children alone to Germany to where my Dad was stationed. My first year of school was in Germany and then we moved back to the U.S. to South Dakota. After a couple of years there, with its chilling winters and snows that would snow you right in, we were stationed to Ft. Lee in Virginia. I have called Virginia home since then. I was always a tomboy and very competitive, maybe because I had a twin brother. We would be out playing tag football or rollerblading until the street lights came on. 

We all played softball, but I wasn't especially great at it. In High School, I joined our school's first Literary Magazine as the graphics design editor, as well as poetry contributions.  I also tried out for the Track and Field team my junior and senior year. I am 5'4, so I wasn't especially tall or fast. I had a natural strength though that my track coach, Les West, saw in me. I would bench as much as the boys and he wanted me to try pole-vaulting. So I vaulted high enough to beat the High School record at that time. I threw shot put (and was usually the shortest thrower) and discus. I went on to visit my track coach's college. I was the first in my family to go to college, so I was blindly trailblazing. I was on track to beat the Bridgewater College girls pole vaulting record, but had a slip and fall on my way to do laundry in the dorms. Someone spilled powdered detergent on the stairs and didn't bother to clean it up. This crushed my athletic dreams. I left Bridgewater at the end of my first year and didn't return. 

I moved back home with my parents. An unfinished college degree and almost breaking a college record haunted me. I married too young and my first marriage was one riddled with domestic abuse that my children witnessed. I thought he would kill me if I left but it got so bad, I felt that would be my fate if I stayed too. My two brave kids from that marriage are adults now and we don't ever have to deal with him again. I never thought I could talk about it as it was mortifying and traumatic, my scars make me who I am and I am stronger for it and hope to pass on that hope to others in that same situation.

I ended up enrolling online and completing my B.A. in Psychology, the dreams of me returning to Bridgewater to finish what I started subsided. I still felt like there was more in the fitness realm that I wanted to do but I was "busy" being a Mom. 

My current love and husband helped me to raise my two kids and we had two more together, they are all teenagers at this point. Like everything else in life, I'm up for the challenge of raising four teenagers in a world that doesn't care about feelings or fairness. I saw a picture of me next to three fit women at a bonfire. I wasn't sure when my second neck appeared, but it was gradual and blatantly in my face. I couldn't hide anymore behind hoodies and my husband's unwavering love and attraction. I had to change, I was coming up on 40 and this was not the legacy I wanted to leave behind. I started using a stationary bike in the winter at home and would watch The Biggest Loser, all the seasons for motivation. I do realize that some of the techniques on that show were not exactly healthy, but the before and afters would be so motivating to me.


Our minds are so soft and are always seeking comfort. I was feeling good about my progress and ended up losing my balance while leaving my parent's house one evening after a get together. Somehow I tried to catch my balance by stepping backward and hyperextended my toe up and got a dreaded turf toe injury. I'd never even heard of that, but apparently it's common among football players. I could still do the stationary bike though. This injury took 6 months to heal and would still ache at times. I decIded to readjust my focus to lifting. My mother said "Why don't you rest instead?" While very well meaning, I knew that I had to do something other than just rest. I would lift with my friend Cara on Wednesdays, she's lost over 70 lbs and she's such an inspiration to me! I ended up winning a bench press meet at Gold's Gym in Hopewell at the age of 39 for my gender and weight class.  


I listened to both of David Goggin's books, Can't Hurt Me  and Never Finished. I started to jog while taping my toe to where it couldn't be bent upwards. I started substitute teaching and bought a pair of flat dress shoes and ended up with a nasty bout of plantar Fasciitis. While I've heard of some people struggling for months with it, I got my feet scanned at Fleet Feet and was recommended Power Step Plantar Fasciitis inserts and it was gone for me in 2 weeks. My husband had Plantar Fascitis for years and I bought him a pair and his resolved now as well!  I ran my first half marathon after those two weeks- with no training!  I walked some but finished it! I highly recommend getting people in your foxhole that have the same vision as you. I wanted to quit at mile 8 but kept pushing only because I met a girl named Shannon, she also was a Goggins fan and was on an incredible weight loss journey. We are running Richmond's Marathon (my first ever)  this November, 2023. 


I completed my Paralegal Certification over the Summer and have realized that sometimes life will take you on paths you never even dreamed of or realized. My passion is for justice, fitness, mental dexterity, arts, and creative writing. I love to write and I will take on a new venture of Copywriting because whatever you do, you have to have a passion for it. 

May you find your passion!



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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